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Acetal Rod
Acetal Rod

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Acetal Rod
Acetal rod is a fantastic material that because of its very easy machining ability is particularly suited to CNC lathes. Acetal Rod is also excellent for dimensional stability due to its minimal moisture absorption and gives an outstanding surface finish.

Whats great about Acetal Rod:
• Low moisture absorption • Suitable for food contact • Excellent sliding properties • Exceptional surface finish

Points to remember about Acetal Rod:
• Acetal Rod is difficult to bond • Not self extinguishing • Can develop memory over time

Typical applications for Acetal Rod:
• Bearings in high moisture environments • Food industry • Marine applications

Technical Specifications of Acetal Rod:
Max working temperature constant = 110°C, Intermittent = 140°C, Hardness = Rockwell M84, Water absorption @ 23°C = 0.85%. Did you Know Acetal Rod is now commonly used in the manufacture of Irish Flutes, Bagpipes and Tin Whistles and sounds almost identical to the original materials which were traditionally used.

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